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Urban Animal International Health Certificate Guidelines & Information

Obtaining an international health certificate for your pet can be an extremely complicated, time- consuming and costly process. Many veterinary practices no longer issue international health certificates due to the time involved and difficulty of working with the USDA. Every country has unique and ever- changing requirements. Based on your intended destination, the process can take 1-6 months and cost from $500 – $2000+ depending on the amount of testing required by the specific country.

In an effort to help pet owners successfully complete the complicated international health certificate process Urban Animal has developed strict guidelines by which we research, process, and issue the certificates. First and foremost, we strongly recommend you work with a professional pet transport company. The pet transport company we recommend is WordCarePet Transport ( If you elect to proceed without pet transport company involvement, you as the pet owner will be required to sign a waiver releasing Urban Animal of all liability involved with travel issues that may arise.

Please note, International Health Certificates are not required for travel to Mexico or Canada.

Urban Animal’s International Health Certificate process is as follows:

  1. Urban Animal has an international health certificate specialist team led by Danica Kelley (Licensed Technician) out of our Urban Animal White Center location. Please fill out the form below and Danica or a member of the team will respond to your email within 48-72 hours.
  2. We will contact you to schedule an initial consultation appointment. This must be a scheduled appointment and CANNOT occur on a walk-in basis. Currently, the consultations occur only at specific times. You should bring your pet and any records to this appointment. Your pet will be scanned to verify any microchips and blood work, or vaccinations may occur if you elect to move forward.
  3. The cost of this initial consultation, where you will be informed of the process for your specific destination, is $80.00 (additional fee for multiple pets). This fee will be charged and collected at this time regardless if you elect to move forward with the process with Urban Animal or elect to take an alternate path.
  4. Once receiving the information regarding the process, if you elect to move forward, a flat fee for the process and certificate will be quoted and may be collected at that time. The fee is dependent upon your destination. Danica or another member of her team will instruct owners of next steps.

There will be no exceptions to the above process and these guidelines and policies will be strictly enforced in order that Urban Animal may assist with the international travel of your pets. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to helping you.

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