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Let’s Talk About Affordability

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In 2012, Urban Animal was founded on smart and sensible veterinary care with a mission to provide affordable care for all dogs and cats in our community. The change the veterinary industry has undergone over the last several years has drastically affected costs and how medicine is practiced in the industry at-large. Many practices are now owned by large corporations and private equity groups. At the same time, there’s an existing crisis of an increasing number of veterinary professionals leaving the industry.

In the past few years, Urban Animal has developed a partnership with Doney Coe Pet Clinic who provides care to pets in our community whose owners are unhoused and without resources. However, we know this is only one solution addressing the situation. We continue to face how to collectively close the gap between those pets with nothing and those pets with modest means. Urban Animal is working to find a creative solution for keeping our care affordable.

We’d like to introduce the Affordable Care Together (ACT) subsidy to help keep costs affordable for all. For Urban Animal, the ACT subsidy is an opportunity for you to contribute to our pursuit in keeping veterinary care affordable. Not just for you, but for everyone within our community. The ACT subsidy is an additional 15% calculated based of a total invoice amount for services and products. Although this subsidy is optional, it is our hope those who can, will keep it on their invoices to help others. Urban Animal is confident this additional amount will still provide care comparably priced or less than other area practices.

It would be easier to broadly apply significant price increases to our services and move on. However, our prices are intentionally at a point to help as many dogs and cats as possible and we purposely do not upsell our services to satisfy shareholders. Urban Animal’s veterinary professionals employ candid, unbiased guidance with option-based medicine to each client. It is our belief this approach supports a culture of affordability for our community.

So, the ACT subsidy can be removed? Absolutely – as we said, this is an optional addition and Urban Animal is not introducing it to create discourse, dissatisfaction, or shame. If you have the means to keep it on your invoice, please do so. If you don’t – now or in the foreseeable future – kindly ask a staff member to remove it. It’s that simple.


Urban Animal is about keeping veterinary care affordable and ensuring dogs and cats of all means can be helped. We’re ready and we’re hoping you’re ready too, and able to ACT with us.


Frustrated? Urban Animal would like to share a few thoughts.

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To all Urban Animal clients,

*PLEASE READ* Whether you’ve been frustrated with your veterinary care or think you may need veterinary care in the near future.


Urban Animal understands it’s been a challenging stretch of time to receive veterinary care. Most days there’s 2-5 hour wait times to see a veterinarian – we’re frustrated too. In Seattle and across the country, the industry is in the throes of several serious conditions which are being felt by everyone. We’re asked a lot of questions and hear different feedback from clients. Urban Animal wanted to take a few moments to answer some of the most pressing questions:


The veterinary industry is struggling. An issue fueled by multiple aspects which manifests into long wait times.

Pet ownership increased significantly during Covid. Simply stated, more pets = more wellness checks as well as more sick and injured pets who need care.

Staff Shortages. Prior to the pandemic, it was challenging to find qualified staff. The problem only worsened during Covid, and the scarcity of finding and hiring experienced veterinary professionals continues to be a big hurdle. Urban Animal is constantly and aggressively looking for the right people.

Urban Animal is not alone in this predicament. This summer the topic has been in the news; check out King 5’s news story; and articles written in MyNorthwest and Fortune.

“King 5”




Urban Animal operates as a walk-in approach which allows us to offer services at a lower price point over an appointment model. From the beginning, Urban Animal embraced smart and sensible veterinary care because we wanted all pet owners to have access to affordable care. As we’ve grown and are faced with a variety of issues, Urban Animal is taking a fresh look at what today’s pet owners need and want. While we’re searching for more doctors and support staff, Urban Animal is evaluating different approaches to meet our clients’ needs such as wellness clinics, options for appointment-based services, and how to elevate the walk-in model.


Right now, the number of sick and injured pets needing care is overwhelming. Many veterinary ERs have been forced to close, are reducing hours, turning patients away, or managing more than 8-hour wait times. Regardless of Urban Animal’s model, our primary function and duty is to help sick and injured pets.

However, we know wellness exams and the like are still important to your pet’s overall health. And yes, we know it’s unreasonable (and no fun) to wait hours for a wellness exam. One solution available at Urban Animal is to ask about a technician appointment. These technicians are skilled professionals who are extremely capable of helping keep your pet’s vaccines current.

For other wellness concerns – for the moment – if you need your pet to see a veterinarian for a non urgent matter, and you’re unable to wait, it may be better to try and schedule an appointment at another general practice. But know, Urban Animal wants to be your vet of choice.

We are committed to providing wellness clinics in the near future. Stay tuned!


Prior to Covid, we had always been able to take care of pets’ urgent medical needs as well as provide general wellness. Urban Animal is not just capable, but really good at both! This is because of Urban Animal’s walk-in model and having highly skilled doctors and staff with experience in urgent care situations. While we continue to have highly skilled and capable people, the current overwhelming demand has created tenuous challenges. Yes, we want to be your regular vet, but we can’t ignore the need for urgent care which ultimately leads to longer wait times.


Please don’t. Take a deep breath.

Every day Urban Animal is trying to help as many pet owners and pets as we possibly can. Our team is typically working 12-hour shifts with little rest and recharge. Even though you might be frustrated and stressed – becoming irate, using toxic language, or berating Urban Animal in person or on Yelp does not help. We’re doing our best to manage clients’ expectations in a currently difficult environment.

Speaking of Yelp – please don’t write a Yelp review venting your frustrations. Talk to us and give us an opportunity to make it right when you feel we’ve fallen short. Without a chance to hear your frustrations, we can’t help you – or your pet. We want a relationship with you; to be a trusted resource for your pet’s health and to have a two-way dialogue to navigate stressful situations when your beloved pet’s health may be in peril.

Bad Yelp reviews hurt actual people – our people. It’s demotivating and unnecessary. If you’re unwilling to give us a chance before you tell Yelp – we can no longer have a relationship.


No, it will not always be this way! Urban Animal is creating a workplace where every veterinary professional WANTS to work and where clients and pets receive high-quality and efficient care. There are several things we’re working on to achieve this:

1) a dedication to creating an employee-owned veterinary company (there are way too many corporations versus people owning veterinary practices);

2) instituting a business model that allows Urban Animal to provide fair and market-driven compensation for our skilled workforce; and

3) hiring more staff to help provide efficient and high-quality care to all pets and owners.

With more staff, Urban Animal’s goal will be to re-open weekend hours, significantly reduce wait times, and explore wellness clinics. All with the aim to care for more patients in a smart and sensible manner as Urban Animal evolves.

In the meantime, we continue to appreciate your patience while we work through these mounting challenges and ask for as much kindness as you can spare. Urban Animal is confident in our ability to resolve these issues.

Thank you for being part of the Urban Animal Family.


Our hours of operation will be 8am-8pm Monday – Friday

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Dear Valued Urban Animal Clients,

In a continued effort to provide high quality veterinary care, using the smart and sensible approach expected at Urban Animal, we will be returning all three locations to our original Walk-In Model of Care. We are getting back to our roots!

Additionally, EFFECTIVE JUNE 19, 2021, Urban Animal will also be temporarily closed Saturdays and Sundays at ALL locations.


  • PLEASE check our website prior to visiting any location for up-to-the-minute information and queue times.
  • Our hours of operation will be 8am-8pm Monday – Friday.
  • We intend to accept Walk-ins from 8am-6pm, Monday – Friday, at all three Urban Animal locations.
  • There will be times we reach capacity and will stop taking walk-ins prior to 6pm.
  • We will post walk-in availability and approximate wait times on our website here.

Why is Urban Animal changing its hours?

During the recent global pandemic, pet ownership increased significantly. With severe capacity restrictions due to COVID, providing efficient veterinary care has been impacted. At the same time, veterinary medicine is experiencing an unprecedented, industry-wide staffing shortage, which has led to a bottleneck of veterinary care needs – we understand the frustration this may cause. To best serve you, your awesome pets, and for the well-being of the entire Urban Animal team, this temporary reduction in hours is collectively beneficial. In the meantime, Urban Animal is actively working to provide you the best experience possible.

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your four-legged family members and being a valued member of the extended Urban Animal family. We look forward to returning to expanded services in the near future.

Your patience, kindness, and understanding are very much appreciated!


Your Friends at Urban Animal


Capitol Hill resuming walk-in hours!

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Starting Monday, May 3rd our Capitol Hill Location will be resuming walk-in hours.


Monday-Friday 8 am – 5 pm

Saturday, Sunday 9 am – 2 pm

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