The Best Model for You & Your Pet


Urban Animal is all about how to help your pet and you with option-based veterinary medicine. This mission drives two distinct approaches – a walk-in model and an appointment-only model to deliver convenience the way our diverse clientele needs.




Walk-In Model Features

  • Convenient walk-in visits
  • Candid conversations with Urban Animal’s signature smart and sensible, option-based care
  • Helping as many pets and owners as possible
  • More affordable price point
  • Same day, full service general wellness, urgent and emergency situations
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At Urban Animal’s Capitol Hill and White Center locations, there’s no need for an appointment. When you have the time and affordability is high on your list, visit either location. You can walk-in and most often be seen by our team of veterinary professionals on the same day. Please be aware due to the popularity of this model and a level of uncertainty around wait times, on occasion the wait list may exceed time within a business day. Urban Animal’s team is busting a move to give great care and get patients and their owners in and out as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Urban Animal employs some of the best and skilled veterinary professionals in the industry who are experienced in a multitude of urgent/emergency situations. We can help patients and clients with care at a more affordable cost when other practices cannot. Our team delivers option-based medicine in a smart and sensible manner with candid conversations where clients can self-advocate on the care that makes sense for them and their pets.

Is the walk-in model for me? If your furry companion really needs to see a veterinary professional today and if you have time for a possible wait and/or affordability is important, the walk-in model is it. If you need to knock out that wellness exam or vaccines and you have some time or need to consider affordability, the walk-in model does preventative care well. Whether you head to Capitol Hill or White Center, simply walk-in – no appointment necessary. It’s that convenient!


Appointment-Only Model Features

  • Convenient, dedicated appointment times
  • Enhanced conversations with veterinary professionals along with additional touchpoints and follow-ups
  • Cozy interior with attention-to-detail amenities for an enhanced client experience
  • Scheduled full-service general wellness, non-life threatening urgent care, surgeries, and dentistry

Please note: While affordability is what Urban Animal strives for, in our appointment model, the price point is higher than in our walk-in model due to the structure of allocating more dedicated times with our veterinary team.

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On August 28, 2023, Urban Animal launched a new appointment only model available exclusively at our Downtown location. By reserving a time slot, Urban Animal By Appointment gives you an opportunity to have additional time to talk with a veterinarian and team to explore Urban Animal’s option-based medicine. It’s even better in a space that calms the senses and offers a relaxed pace to mindfully contemplate your pet’s care.

Just like our walk-in model, Urban Animal By Appointment employs some of the most knowledgeable and skilled veterinary professionals in the industry. We help with complex medical situations and develop preventative and wellness strategies for the lifetime of your pet. The time provided in the appointment model allows for heightened conversations as well as the distinct time allocated for follow-ups after a visit.

So, if your furry companion and you need an appointment or just a little more time with a veterinary professional, Urban Animal By Appointment is for you. It’s a different kind of convenient!